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Easy DIY Nightstand For Classic House

If we talk about the DIY nightstand, we will surely get a plenty ideas for making those nightstands. The nightstand is a simple but eye-catching decoration that you can have at home and now, by utilizing some unimportant matters in your house, I will guide you to create your own nightstand which will deliver a chic and pleasing decoration in our room. Now, I think it is time for us to learn about utilizing the recycled material.

diy nightstand pinterest

Diy Nightstand Pinterest

DIY Nightstand with Unused Books

First, the idea for simple DIY nightstand which I propose is the nightstand which is created from unused book. First, if you have many books with hard covers or hard design, you can start to design it in some artistic way for acquiring interesting shapes. You can start by structuring the book in some house-like shapes and then, you are not allowed to forget the flat space for standing lamps in the upper part of the do-it-yourself nightstands.

17 Inspiration Gallery from Easy DIY Nightstand For Classic House

Diy Campaign Nightstand
Diy Cardboard Nightstand
Diy Nightstand Cheap
Diy Nightstand Cheap
Diy Nightstand Ikea
Diy Nightstand Lamp
Diy Nightstand Makeover
Diy Nightstand Organizer
Diy Nightstand Paint
Diy Nightstand Pallet
Diy Nightstand Pinterest
Diy Nightstand Plans
Diy Nightstand Shelf
Diy Nightstand Table
Diy Nightstand With Drawer
Diy Nightstand With Hidden Compartment
Diy Nightstand Wood

Using Unused Barrels for DIY Nightstand

The next suggestions for creating the cheap DIY nightstand are by using the barrel as the decoration. You can look for fine material for the barrel like teak wood or oak wood which comes with strong particle in the wood. Then, you can create a big enough hole in the side of the barrel to give some storages for keeping books or other stuff that can is small like pen or eraser.

Those two ideas are the ideas for the DIY nightstand that we should do as it is simple. You will surely be easy for finding those materials. When you have this nightstand in DIY, you will surely get more benefits. The DIY will make you have more money too to be submitted and then use it for creating good design. The DIY design will give you more benefits when you get it right.

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August 5, 2017 Home Design

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