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How To Make An Adjustable Coffee Table

Adjustable coffee table is a kind of coffee table that can be easily adjusted to be low or high. This is because the height of the coffee table should match the height of the furniture. However, many people do not put this into account and this is why they do not consider whether a coffee table they want to buy is adjustable or not. Buying an adjustable one is necessary because when you buy a coffee table, you might think that the coffee table is perfect in the height, but when you put it in your living room, you will find it too low. So, an adjustable one is a safe option.

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Adjustable Coffee Table To Dining Table

So, what if your coffee table is not adjustable? Then just make it like that. You can make a regular coffee table to become conventional by using leg extenders and some other tools. You can do this project properly and your table can be well adjusted to suit the rest furniture in your living room. Before making your own adjustable table, you can firstly determine how much height that you want to add to your coffee table. A normal coffee table is usually 30 inches, however if your living room featured with tall chairs or stools, then your coffee table should be at least 37 inches.

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Adjustable coffee table can be easily adjusted by adding legs to each leg of the coffee table. When you buy the leg extenders, make sure that the legs match the color or stain of the existing coffee table in your living room. If you are not sure about this, you can take a picture of your coffee table and bring it to the local home center. This will make sure that you get the best leg that matches your coffee table perfectly.

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Once you have the leg extenders, you can start adding the additional legs to the coffee table. You can work with the coffee table turned upside down and remove any material that is not made of wood. In order to do this, you will need to use a tool like a hammer, a wrench or a wood chisel. Make a 2-inch hole to each center of the leg and add a little of wood glue to the hole. After that, place a dowel to the hole of each leg and allow it to dry.

The extender legs can be placed by adding wood glue to the bottom part of the existing leg and put the extended leg on the dowel. Before doing this, the dowel should be given a hole and wood glue first. Adjustable coffee table can be finished in just that easy instruction.

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