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Warmer And More Comfortable Room With Wool Carpet On The Floor

Carpet becomes a very important decorative element for our rooms. There are many materials used to make carpet like wool and polypropylene. Those two materials are the most popular materials of carpet. Wool and polypropylene looks similar but each of them has weaknesses and specialties. Wool carpet is a carpet that’s made from natural material that has several specialties like high quality fibers that make wool carpet becomes bouncy. This makes us feel comfortable when we step on wool carpet.

berber wool carpet

Berber Wool Carpet

Besides, wool carpet is also more durable than polypropylene carpet. It is also fireproof and eco friendly at once. Even if wool has so many specialties, this doesn’t mean that wool carpet doesn’t have weaknesses. Wool carpet cleaning is not easy. It is hard for you to clean the dust that’s sticking on the yarns. Besides, worsted can be easily separated from the carpet; this makes wool carpet becomes the worst choice for people who have allergies.

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Berber Wool Carpet
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Wool carpet is also not a good carpet for people who have limited budgets since wool carpet prices are high enough. If wool carpet is too expensive for you, consider purchasing polypropylene carpet that’s more affordable than wool carpet. Polypropylene carpet is a resistant to stands and strong enough. Besides, it is easy for us to clean polypropylene carpet. Polypropylene carpet is appropriate for all people, even for them who have allergies and also for kids. Unfortunately, the appearance and beauty of polypropylene carpet is not as good as wool carpet.

If you’re totally healthy and you don’t suffer allergies, wool carpet will be the best choice. Wool carpet makes a room where you place the carpet looks warm and more comfortable. When you step on the wool carpet, you’ll feel its smoothness that comforts you. This is good to make your guests feel like home.

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August 2, 2017 Home Design

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